hoggo Automates Privacy Assessments for SaaS Buyers and Sellers by Enhancing Business-To-Business trust. It's like TripAdvisor for data privacy.

The avg. company engages with around 130 third party service providers (let’s call them vendors) who they share personal data with. But, most of them have no control or idea on how those vendors handle their data or if it’s secure. The problem with that is - if anything goes wrong with this data, the company that shared the data will be held liable and can face serious reputational damage. In comes hoggo - the TripAdvisor for data privacy. hoggo automates privacy assessments of companies you’re planning to share personal data with. By leveraging AI, we generate a privacy passport for each company and then our algorithm assigns a trust grade from A to F. This helps companies assess vendors, compare them and engage with trustworthy ones. Vendors on the other hand, can demonstrate their privacy practices, build customer trust, and close deals faster by sharing their custom hoggo Privacy Passport.

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