Find the best marketing channels to reach your target B2B audience

So you've built your B2B product. Congrats! That's huge. And we know just how much hard work it took to get here. But now comes the even harder part: distribution. Knowing is your audience is one thing, but how do you reach them so they know your wonderful product exists? Enter HelloAudience, a directory that instantly shows you all the best channels to reach your target B2B buyer. It's super simple: just type in any audience (i.e. software developers) or topic (SaaS) and we'll show you all of the best newsletters, podcast, communities and creators to reach them—and how much they cost to sponsor. For each channel, we show you audience demographics, reach, engagement metrics and upfront sponsorship costs, making budgeting and planning much easier. You can even see which companies have previously sponsored each channel and what other channels those brands have sponsored, helping you gain insights into your competitors' marketing strategies and identifying new potential sponsorship channels. So stop wasting time endlessly researching the right channels. We've already done all the work for you.

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