HealthMode: Fitness for Free

The 100% free fitness app with no premium subscriptions.

Welcome to HealthMode: Fitness for Free Transform the way you achieve your health and fitness goals with HealthMode, the ultimate fitness app that offers all its powerful features entirely for free—no premium subscriptions, no hidden fees. Why Choose HealthMode? Completely Free: Say goodbye to hidden fees and paywalls. HealthMode ensures everyone has access to top-notch fitness tools without any cost. Enjoy premium-level features without ever needing to pay for a subscription. Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking: Easily log your meals, customize meal names, and track your daily nutrition goals with precision. HealthMode provides a detailed breakdown of your intake, from macronutrients to vitamins and minerals, to help you stay on top of your dietary needs. Customizable Workouts: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, HealthMode has customizable workout plans tailored to your fitness level. Track your progress, set personal goals, and stay motivated with our user-friendly interface designed to keep you on track. Weight and Body Measurement Tracking: Log your daily weight and body fat percentage effortlessly. HealthMode also allows you to record various body measurements, including waist, arms, and legs, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your fitness journey. Progress Photos: Monitor your transformation with up to three progress photos per day. Visualize your journey and stay motivated by observing the changes in your physique over time. Special Features Custom Meal Names and Flexible Meal Count: Tailor your meal plans to suit your lifestyle. With HealthMode, you can name your meals and choose the number of meals you have each day, providing you with the flexibility to match your dietary habits. Adaptive Energy Goals: HealthMode calculates an initial goal of calories/kilojoules that should be consumed per day to achieve your goals. Every time you gain or lose 5lbs, it will automatically recalculate your goal in accordance with your new maintainence. But that's not all, HealthMode doesn't just set a new goal and override previous customization. No; HealthMode looks at your customization and sees where you want to be. Maybe the initial goal was a bit too high and you're not losing weight, so you change your goal to be about 100 calories less. The next time HealthMode recalculates your goal, it will keep in mind that you seem to like being 100 calories below it's calculation. Adaptive Nutrient Goals: As stated previously, HealthMode doesn't override custom goals. For macros and micros, HealthMode will remember how many grams, miligrams or micrograms per calorie you typically want to be at. Eat 2,000 calories a day but want some extra iron? Boom, if your calories go to 2,100 your goal will align with those new calories instead of going to the default, as happens in some other apps. Multiple Progress Pictures Per Day: Capture your fitness journey from all angles with up to three progress photos per day. See your hard work pay off as you document your transformation visually. Ready to Get Started? Download HealthMode now and embark on your fitness journey with an app that’s as dedicated to your goals as you are.

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