GenPPT AI PowerPoint Generator

The Best Free AI PowerPoint Generator

GenPPT is an AI-powered presentation tool made for busy professionals, students, and entrepreneurs who need to create polished slides quickly and easily.\n\nInstead of facing a blank page, simply choose one of over 50 professionally designed templates, input your presentation topic, and GenPPT's algorithms generate stunning slides for you in minutes.\n\nWhether you need to put together a business pitch, academic presentation, or share ideas online, GenPPT elevates your slides with graphic design quality through AI generation and customization.\n\nBuilt by a team in Switzerland who are tired of spending more time formatting slides than focusing on content, GenPPT brings the power of AI to presentation design so anyone can present beautifully.\n\nWith GenPPT, you can now create presentations 5x faster, choose from various aesthetic designs, and save hours of manual formatting work.

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