ChatGPT alternative that gives instant responses, supports URL, generate images, transcribe audio/video, upload pdf/docsx. Powered by OpenAI latest models

πŸ‘‰ What's different compared with others ChatGPT alternative? Many of users found the UI/UX is more appealing to use. Feature-wise, GasbyAI also supports: - Transcribe audio/video (OpenAI Whisper), generate image (OpenAI Dall-E) - Extract text content from URL, Youtube video URL - Extract content from pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx (using upload) - Prompt and AI Character library, response in your own language - Input quick command with: + "/prompt" to choose a prompt + "/role" to switch AI Character + "/lang" to switch output language for current conversation + "/model" to switch model for current conversation + "/chat" to switch to a conversation - Customise chat configuration and styles - Support self-host, white label with managed accounts πŸ‘‰ Highlight features Organise chats in folder, estimate usages (consider different models, exclude other services ie transcribe, generate images), chat submission behaviours, custom API endpoint, stream response, auto generate tittle, fullscreen/chatbubble display mode, dark/light theme, etc. I publish weekly updates, support, get feedback and feature requests on Gasby Discord here https://discord.gg/pz2ZvEahjh πŸ‘‰ What's Gasby's roadmap? My roadmap for Gasby are closely based on users requests (I'm extremely thankful for). Here are a few interesting requests from users that I'm planning to work on: - Sync data (planning to support more online storage provider) - Handsfree interface (talk like Siri) - Work with long documents - Support Webhooks - Process multiple instructions (Like Step 1. xxx, Step 2. xxx) πŸ‘‰ What's your refund policy? There is 7-day refund policy incase you change your mind. Please use "AI20" to get 20% off on any plan. Would love to hear your question, or feedback about Gasby here or on the Discord channel

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