Turn Screen Recordings into Eye-Catching Videos Automatically.

FocuSee is a screen recorder comes with automated editing - Automatically track cursor movement, apply dynamic zoom and click effects, add a pleasant background, and generate a professional-looking video/gif that is ready to use. How it works? ✔️Simply record your screen (with webcam and mic) as you normally would. ✔️Let FocuSee automatically add pan & zoom effects, and a nice background for you. **Once finishing recording, you'll have a video ready to shine.** 📤🌍🐤 ✔️Export it as video/GIF, and embed it on your website, send it through a link, or keep it locally - the choice is yours. ✔️You can even add in-video quizzes, forms, and call-to-action buttons to generate leads or get feedback more efficiently. Make your videos not just informative, but interactive 🤩. (ONLY available for videos shared online) 🔗 Moreover, you can easily make personalized adjustments: ✔️Highlight focal points with Spotlight to draw your audience's attention. 🔦 ✔️Choose from different selfie and screen layouts: side-by-side, overlay, or screen-only. ✔️Select from 8 mouse cursor styles and 3 button click effects to match your video's style. 👆🖱️ ✔️Customize the background, rounded corners, shadow, inset, and padding to your liking. 🎨✏️ 👉 And much more...

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