Start using AI for your personal tutor instead of cheating tool.

The concept behind FibonacciKu is addressing the lack of personal support for students and teachers. I created FibonacciKu because, as a student myself, I struggled to find a tutor in a foreign country. FibonacciKu offers two key features: - Fibo Assistant: Ask anything you need - Fibo Document: Upload your documents and chat with them You can freely enjoy all the plugins that FibonacciKu offers! No need for extra clicks or configurations. Just tell Fibo what you need. And hey, when it's study time, let's match the mood! I've crafted plenty of themes for you to sync Fibo with your vibes. Even if you're not a student or teacher, Fibo can still be your trusty personal assistant! It packs powerful features to boost your productivity.

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