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With the world having adapted to remote work a little more over the recent years, more people are taking the time to craft a space in which they feel comfortable, calm and productive. I have been working remotely from my home studio for almost a decade now, and have been through many iterations of spaces and setups, trying to find my optimal one. Typically relying on many different sites for inspiration (which I still use), as well as Amazon and my bookmarks folder, I was able to piece together my own setup(s). However, I wanted an easier way to find, save and purchase products, as well as share it back into the community after doing so. So, I decided to build DeskSetups. A community-driven site that focuses on a few core things: - Allowing users to explore and discover setups from other community members. - Dive into information about the setup and the person behind it. - See the exact list of products that went into making the setup itself. - Create, duplicate, save, edit and craft your dream own setup product list and share it with others. - Get regular tours of the community's favourite setups. Learning more about the person behind it and the decisions made whilst building it. Essentially, I am building DeskSetups as a place for others to share their setups, get inspired, and build their own. So if you are looking for some desk setup inspo, want to build your dream setup or want to submit your current one, check it out!

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