DataBanc - Personal AI In Minutes


We Fetch; You Enjoy. Personal AI In Minutes.

The future of Personal AI is powered by you. LLMs know nothing about us, and our data is the missing piece. It’s time to DataBanc it. DataBanc starts with Base Personalization to get you just the data you need to have Personal AI In Minutes. How it works? 1. DataBanc navigates the complex process of retrieving and organizing personal data from the web 2. Then access a PersonaI AI that knows you, effortlessly 3. By aggregating scattered data, DataBanc allows for personalized travel recommendations, lifestyle suggestions, and date ideas Give it try, Personal AI is only minutes away. What is DataBanc? DataBanc is the "bank for your data," aiming to revolutionize Personal AI, data control, and privacy. It offers a platform where users can see, store, and use their personal data, enabling the creation of personalized AI experiences.

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