DailyFlow is an easy-to-use digital friend and organizer for your everyday life.

Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect to-do list and calendar should look like. DailyFlow is our answer to planning and managing daily tasks and appointments easily and effortlessly. Born out of our needs, DailyFlow is ready to revolutionize your daily task management. We are excited to share DailyFlow with you to organize your day efficiently and make it more effective. Start your day with a clear daily view. Turn your tasks into meaningful milestones, complemented with reminders and notifications, and add extra details like weather information and pictures to your appointments. Organize your tasks into custom lists that match your style. From daily tasks to monthly projects - with recurring tasks, you'll never lose track of your daily routine. With DailyFlow, your day is firmly under control and effortlessly reach your goals. Download DailyFlow now for free and experience the benefits of effective scheduling. Features of DailyFlow: - Compact Daily View: All tasks and appointments at a glance. - Flexible Organization: Manage tasks for today, tomorrow, this week, this month, and beyond. - Detailed Task Creation: Title, notes, due dates, and more for comprehensive planning. - Checklists with quick access to tick off and complete. - Reliable Reminders: Stay up-to-date with timely notifications. - Location Information: Simplify your navigation with address assignments. - Weather Information: Be prepared for the conditions at your task locations. - Lists for Better Organization: Sort tasks according to your preferences. - Recurring Tasks: Daily, weekly, or monthly planning without forgetting anything. - Important Deadlines: Set deadlines not to miss anything crucial. - Images for Details: Add relevant pictures to tasks. - Color Personalization: Easily recognize tasks through individual color design. - Archiving: Keep completed tasks for future reference. - Calendar Import: Import your iOS calendar and display it with your tasks. - iCloud Synchronization: Keep your devices seamlessly up to date. - Use Widgets to show your tasks for today, tomorrow, or the current week.

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