Chat and comment on live projects, boost productivity.

Introducing Commented - Collaboration Simplified! Ready to simplify your product team’s workflow and eliminate live meeting fatigue? Say goodbye to scattered feedback and endless meetings. With Commented, you can generate, share, and collaborate on feedback seamlessly. - Annotate with Precision: Elevate your communication with precision-driven annotations! - Share with Ease: Share your comments with your team right on the page, exactly where they matter. - Efficient Teamwork: Stay connected and ensure no feedback goes unnoticed with this powerful collaboration tool. - Manage your comments with task management. Assign your team, set priority, change the status, and add labels for better categorization. - AI-Powered Assistance: Let AI precision empower your content and word usage, making your projects even more successful. - Seamless Integrations: Commented integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools like Asana, Jira, Slack, Linear, and even Figma, keeping your workflow smooth.

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