Export from Google Docs and Notion to your Content Management System with the click of a button, or automate the entire process.

Cloudpress allows you to export content from Google Docs and Notion to Content Management Systems like WordPress, Webflow, Contentful, Sanity, and more. Cloudpress will preserve all your formatting and also export your images to your CMS. Cloudpress also has the following features: * Updates additional fields like author, category, or any other custom field you defined * Resizes and compresses your images * Converts your images to WebP * Generates correct embed codes for Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and hundreds more * Supports code blocks * Supports raw content - i.e. it allows you to export content not natively supported in Google Docs or Notion in the native format of your CMS * Bulk export content * Sync your whole Notion database * Automate your exports with our API, Zapier, or Make integration

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