Generative AI for Figma, XD & Sketch. Quickly generate UI elements, experience a constant stream of design inspiration.

Designing a user interface can be daunting—where do you even begin with transforming an idea from your head into actual design elements, pages and flows? That's where Chat2Design comes in, your personal AI-powered design assistant for Figma, XD and Sketch, transforming your text descriptions into editable UI mockups in seconds. Struggling with a creative block? Just describe your idea, and Chat2Design will instantly draft the elements as you envision, saving you hours of design time and letting your creativity flow without any interruptions. Forget about the tedious back-and-forth of design revisions. With Chat2Design, fine-tuning your UI is as simple as chatting. Request changes in plain English, and watch as your design evolves. No more crafting individual elements from scratch. Access previously generated UI components, import them and iterate for new projects. Transforming your UI ideas into reality shouldn't be a hurdle—it should be as natural as the idea that comes to your mind. Chat2Design is here to ensure that the journey from concept to design is seamless. Ready to revolutionise the way you design? Get lifetime access to Chat2Design now and bring your UI to life! Use the code UNEED50 at checkout

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