Add to Calendar Link Generator and Much More!

Cal.et , a straightforward and user-friendly tool for generating "Add to Calendar" links. This makes sharing your events significantly easier and offers much more. ⬛️ One Short Link You receive a short link that contains your event information and an "Add to Calendar" button. This link is compatible with popular calendar services like Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo, and others. ⬛️ Embeddable Code You also receive an embeddable HTML code, allowing you to easily add it to your newsletters, emails, and even your website. It's as simple as copy and paste. ⬛️ QR Code Cal.et generates a QR code along with the short link for your event, enhancing accessibility. ⬛️ Direct Calendar Link If you prefer sending a direct link to a specific calendar provider, such as Google, we have you covered. This tool streamlines the process of sharing and promoting your events across various platforms.

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