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Built At Lightspeed is a directory of themes, templates & and UI kits for static site generators, no-code tools and modern web frameworks. ## We specialize in templates for the following site generators. - Next.js - Astro - 11ty - Hugo - Jekyll - React - Vue - Framer - Laraavel - Gatsby - Nuxt - Svelte - Gridsome - HTML - Create React App - Tailwind - Bootstrap ## Features - **Modern Frameworks:** We have categories for Next.js, Astro, 11ty, Hugo, Jekyll, React, Vue, Framer, Laravel, Gatsby, Nuxt, Svelte, Gridsome and HTML. - **Advanced Filter and Search:** Users can easily filter templates based on multiple facets, allowing for precise selection. Filters include Static Site Generator (SSG), CSS framework, UI framework, Content Management System (CMS), Site Type (Blog, SAAS, etc.), and Price (open source, premium, freemium). - **Blueprint and Type:** Use ****blueprints to filter by implementation, ie; themes, boilerplates, starters, UI Kits or component library. Types cover the purpose, ie; blog, ecommerce, business, admin dashboard. - **Detailed Listings:** Each template has detailed information including screenshots, demo link, feature stack, pricing and direct links to the open-source repo. - **Up-to-Date Catalog:** The directory is regularly updated to include the latest themes, templates, and UI kits. Developers can submit their templates directly or tag their open source repositories to be automatically indexed.

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