Breakneck Waitlist

Build your Wait List with One Line of Code

Breakneck's wait list is a tool to make spinning up landing pages even easier. It enables you to take any landing page you like, style it the way you like and start collecting emails with just a single line of code. What I want to do with a new side project or potential business idea is 1) Steal a landing page for example github/cruip/open-react-template 2) Write my copy 3) **Add a wait list to gauge interest** 4) Throw it onto an easy drag and drop host like vercel Step 3 was the one I was struggling with. I dont want to set up a backend. I dont wanna set up a database or google doc. I dont want to set up sendgrid or an email sender. So now I don't need to do that anymore. Now I can just send my one line post request and be done with it.

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