Blog To Doc

Easily export web blogs into word documents

I was writing an seo post in wordpress and needed to export the blog to a word document to send to the client. I expected a free plugin to do this, but I struggled to find any. After a bit more research, I realized some others have a similar problem as well. They want to download online blogs without all the manual copy pasting text or saving html webpages. With a few weeks of developing, including painfully learning front end, I put together this simple product that downloads any online blog into a word document. You just need to supply the blog's URL. I figured one million words can't beat you actually trying it, so the landing page includes a demo so you can see what the exported blog would look like. The demo is 100% free without cc or registration. To actually download the blog, you'd need to login, but currently, everything is free regardless. This is my first time putting together a website (kind of) from scratch, and I know many things can be improved and fixed, but having some early feedback is more important than anything else.

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