Block Sender

Block and bounce back unwanted emails from your inbox in Gmail.

Block Sender makes managing your inbox a breeze for Gmail and Google Workspace users. This service lets you easily block unwanted emails, bounce back emails to users, and lets you manage several Gmail accounts. Plus, it prioritizes your privacy above all — your data will never be stored, shared, or sold. Used by a vast community, from individual users to employees at large corporations, Block Sender is accessible through a no-cost basic plan. If you're looking for more, the Plus and Pro plans offer advanced features to further help you with your email management. Whether you're inundated with emails or facing harassment, Block Sender provides an array of tools to address your email woes. Block specific senders, automate replies, or even share block lists across multiple accounts. The service stands out by offering advanced blocking options, like filtering emails based on IP or header details — something Gmail alone can't do. For anyone needing to reclaim their inbox and cut down on the hassle of sorting through irrelevant or harmful emails, Block Sender is the go-to solution.

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