Document sharing and tracking platform designed for businesses and professionals

AttachDoc is a document sharing and tracking platform designed for businesses and professionals. It enables users to securely share documents and track viewer engagement in real-time. With features like link-based sharing, access controls, and detailed analytics, AttachDoc helps users understand how recipients interact with their documents, facilitating more effective communication and decision-making. - Secure Document Sharing: Share documents via secure, trackable links, ensuring that only intended recipients can access them. - Real-time Analytics: Gain insights into how recipients interact with your documents, including page-by-page analytics and time spent on each section. - Access Control: Set permissions for viewing, downloading, and sharing documents, with options for password protection and expiration dates on links. - Document Management: Organize documents into folders and easily update files without changing the sharing link. - Customizable Viewing Experience: Personalize the document viewing experience with branding options like custom logos and colors. - Content Engagement Notifications: Receive instant notifications when recipients view your documents, enabling timely follow-ups. - Document Updates: Update documents without changing the link, ensuring recipients always have access to the latest version. - Data Rooms: Secure, centralized document sharing for due diligence in fundraising, mergers, and acquisitions.

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