App Store Optimization(ASO) tool for Telegram & Slack apps with web reports and notifications. Optimize your app's visibility in the App Store with ease.

Hi there!

Welcome to ASObot - the Telegram & Slack-based ASO tool that helps you optimize your app's visibility in the App Store.

With ASObot, you can track your app's positions in the App Store, as well as monitor your competitors and search terms. Our key features include:

  • App Store top 500 apps

  • Keyword SearchAds popularity and estimated daily impressions

  • App position history by search terms and categories

  • Suggestions by search terms and vice versa

  • Unused search terms that your competitors use

  • Installs & Revenue history

You can also set up daily data monitoring to receive up-to-date reports and push notifications on the bot, including notable changes in your app's positions, search term popularity and suggestions changes, new suggestions for your tracked search terms, and reports on your app's installs and revenue via App Store Connect integration. Plus, we'll notify you about banned and new apps in the App Store.

ASObot is easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

Any questions? Let us help you: https://t.me/aso_support_bot

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