Make competitive analysis 5x faster with AI

Askpot reinvents the way businesses perform competitive analysis. Leveraging the advanced possibilities of tech and data analysis, Askpot has been designed to analyze the content of any product or service page, deciphering critical information such as Unique Value Proposition, Audience, and Positioning. All of this is accomplished with an efficiency unparalleled in the industry; Askpot makes competitive analysis a staggering 5x faster. But speed is not the only attribute that defines Askpot. At the heart of this service is its ease of use; simply type in the relevant URL and let Askpot deliver valuable insights directly to you. Want to compare results? Askpot lets you export these insights as CSV files for easy, accessible analysis. Askpot’s audience spans individuals and businesses, essentially anyone who needs to extract critical data from a product or service page quickly and efficiently. The service is free, though users looking to dive deeper can take advantage of Askpot’s Pro plan. Behind Askpot is a commitment to accuracy and urgency, realizing the immense value inherent in a tool that can speed up the process of competitive analysis without compromising on results. Trust in Askpot is built not just on its efficiency or user-friendly interface but on the satisfaction of its users and endorsements from industry professionals.

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