Don’t waste time building the wrong product. Validate with AI.

We all know building SaaS products in today's competitive market can be tough. Startup founders often create products with no demand, wasting time and money. 🤯 💸 Considering that 99% of startups fail miserably, it's crucial to proceed wisely by thoroughly validating your ideas and making assumptions before writing a single line of code. That's why I developed this product to help validate your idea QUICKLY with AI! How you can benefit from this app? - customer feedback - generate interview questions/surveys in matter of seconds! 🤯 - explore collection of chatGPT prompts (brainstorm ideas, networking messages, keyword research)😍 - extract useful insights from your interviews/surveys with AI 🤖 THANK YOU!! 🙏🤩😍😊 and your feedback is much appreciated!!

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