Addlly AI


Most advanced AI writer, social media post generator and marketing tool.

Get Smart AI Writing Tools for All Your Marketing Needs with Addlly AI. Transform your ideas into captivating, impactful marketing content with the most advanced AI content writing tools. SEO optimised blogs, social media, marketing content – crafted in seconds. Tailored | Real Time | Custom Tone | Zero Prompting 1 Click Blog Writer Write engaging, insightful, and SEO-friendly blogs in just 1-click using our powerful AI writer. With Addlly AI, you can write blogs on any topic and watch them rank high on SERPs. Simply enter your topic and main keyword, and Addlly will do the rest. Our tool’s adept at SEO, so your content doesn’t just read well, it performs well. SEO Custom Writer Generate highly detailed long-form content that empowers you to carry keyword research for any geolocation. You can tailor your content precisely and also repurpose your old content. You can get full funnel content, optimized with real-time keyword insights and outlines based on trending data. Social Media Post Generator Create social media posts crafted to be viral for any platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with real-time trends and hashtags. Just give us a brief description and we will give you 3 post options to choose from. We also provide free AI generated images. You can also post your content in 1 click through Addlly’s platform. Ad Copy Writer Avoid the confusion and high costs of creating and testing ads. Use Addlly to generate Google Ad copies in 1 click and effectively promote your website and business via paid ads. Our AI Google Ad Copy Writer will generate an ad with live CPC data, your main keyword and create a competitive yet engaging copy for you in just 1 click. Addlly AI creates ad copies that get you conversions.

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