Achieve: Earn Your Screen Time

Block Distractions. Earn Your Screen Time By Achieving Your Goals.

Eliminate Distractions. Block distracting apps on your phone, enabling you to have more time to achieve your goals *Write more. Learn A Language. Get Fit. Earn screen time by completing the things you want to do *No willpower needed. Goals are automatically tracked by your phone, preventing any temptation to cheat "I’ve tried to cut back on unhealthy apps in the past, but this app really holds me accountable and encourages habits I want to see in myself. Perfect for tailoring your life and time to the fullest potential!" - Achiever BENEFITS More Than Just A Goal Tracker: Transforming Daily Habits into Rewards Our app goes beyond the simple tracking of your to-do lists and deadlines. You earn your screen time each day, turning routine activities into rewarding experiences while keeping your screen time in balance. Boost Your Productivity Our app is designed to help you focus and achieve your goals. It's straightforward and effective, helping you cut down on distractions, whether you're working, studying, or focusing on personal fitness. Your goals are important, and our app is here to help you meet them. Block Out Distractions Our app helps you stay focused by temporarily blocking distracting apps and websites. It's a simple way to make sure you're concentrating on what's important, making procrastination a thing of the past. Set Goals That Fit Your Life With our app, you can set goals that make sense for you. Whether it's spending a certain amount of time on productive tasks or rewarding yourself with some app time after a workout, you're in control. Track Your Goals Manually We've added a new feature that lets you manually track any goal, giving you the flexibility to tailor the app to your needs. Whether you're tracking time spent reading or meditating, it's easy to set up and use. Stay Focused with Our Browser Extensions Check out our new browser extensions for Chrome and Mac to help keep you focused while online. They're designed to block distracting sites until you've met your goals, making it easier to stay on task. Your Privacy Matters Your data stays on your device and is completely private. We're committed to ensuring your information is secure and only accessible to you. Get Started Today Download our app and take the first step towards a more focused and productive day. It's not about doing more; it's about achieving what matters to you.

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