Use 1send for email marketing on Facebook Messenger

Welcome to 1send We help brands improve retention, drive repeat sales, and make more revenue through Facebook Messenger The wide reach of social media with the control of an owned channel. How? Let’s take a look. 1send uses Meta’s APIs to build subscription lists on Facebook. Customers subscribe by using your custom URL link or QR code. It's easy-to-integrate into your website without any complicated coding logic or add-ons. Potential subscribers see an opt-in modal with clear intent. Specifically stating what they are subscribing to. No confusion or surprises. Best of all, it’s just one-click. Subscribers don’t need to input anything. Less friction. While you get valuable data like name and gender. Data you can use to better personalize your campaigns 1send’s campaign builder lets you send rich multimedia messages including images, videos, and click-to-action buttons to help you deliver one-to-one experiences at scale. At NO added cost Lets say that you have an upcoming VIP sale. Add your image, copy, and an exclusive link to your page. Segment your audience for the most recently engaged. And Send. Say goodbye to ending in spam. Guaranteed deliverability. Messages are sent from your Facebook Page so your subscriber knows exactly who you are. No need to include your name in the message like SMS. Moving onto the best part, the data. After sending your campaign, 1send, gives you powerful analytics to let you know where to improve and where to double down. Accurate open rates directly from Facebook. No more worrying about iOS 15. Click rates to see how engaging your message is. Grow your business with 1send. Sign up today

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